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While I am closer to being a child than having one, I took on a client who needed extra ghostwriter assistance to grow the volume of content on her motherhood blog. She supplied products and photos from Amazon, and asked me to write descriptions. I researched each bra on their brand websites and read reviews from their page and Amazon. I compiled similar reviews, peppered in my puns, and voila!

It’s often said that your best friends are like a great bra – they never leave you hanging, always help you look good and are close to your heart.

However, while nursing, a great bra will be your best friend, providing endless comfort and support while you navigate new motherhood. It will have your back – literally – so you need to make sure to choose the right one.

In a time of your life when your breast size might as well shift with your mood, you need consistent and flexible support. Lucky for you, my mommy-friends and I have tried out most of the nursing bras on the market, which will save you time and money. With a new baby, you need to save as much as those resources as you can!

So whether you’ve been big-breasted since middle school or have gone from flat to overflowing over the course of your pregnancy, I’ve selected the best five values that are available online today. So hold onto your bra straps, and get ready to get hooked on your new nursing bra.

Top Five Nursing Bras on the Market (in no particular order):

1. The Big (Chested) La-Bra-ski: Cake Lingerie’s Sugar Candy Seamless Nursing Bra
I’ve had back pain since puberty due to my DD cup size, so pregnancy didn’t make that easier. Cake Lingerie’s newest maternity bra is a no-brainer investment at $60 for my bustiest mom-friends. It’s been a game changer in the maternity market for years and available in Pink, Black and White. Did I mention I’ve already bought it in every color?

Why We Love It:

It’s Smartly Designed: This bra has simple drop-down hooks for nursing and six rows of hook-and-eyes to keep you comfortable. The full cup shape prevents side and top spilling.

It’s Wireless: No- not like the iPhone X. In addition to being super comfortable, the Sugar Candy bra is supportive enough you’ll feel like there is an underwire (there isn’t). The fabric under the bust provides you structure without sacrificing comfort.

Purchase Tip: Most popular with women with a smaller band and bigger cup sizes. If you’re between band sizes, definitely order up – they tend to run small.

2. Best Bra for Your Buck: Caramel Cantina’s 3-Pack Nursing Maternity Soft Support Bra

Not only is this nursing bra super comfortable, it’s perfect for a baby mama on a budget. A pack of three bras is just $19.99 and comes in neutral and jewel tone sets. Don’t let the low price deter you – it may be the best value on the market.

Why We Love It:

It’s Stretchy & Soft: After having my first boy, I learned that my breasts changed sizes rapidly depending on the amount of milk I produced. The stretchy texture of this bra was perfect for fluctuating. Plus, If you’re like me and prefer sleeping with the support of a sports bra, this is the maternity version for you. The wire-free bra is made even more comfortable with removable, soft cups.

It’s Functional: The padding is thick enough to provide coverage, but thin enough that you won’t look fuller than you are. The bra features adjustable straps with nursing clips on each cup side for easy feeding. The low-cut back has three hook-eyes so it can adjust to keep up with your changing body. Women with smaller shoulders may struggled with the wide-set straps, but this can be easily adapted with a bra connector hook.

It’s Pretty: Did I mention the bra comes in jewel tones? In addition to functionality, the bra has a ruched center to add shape and a touch of fashion. Comfort, check. Style, check.

The Drawback: If you need a bra that is super supportive and structured, this may not be the bra for you. (But keep reading – we’re getting to yours!). Also, many maternity pieces can be stored for your next pregnancy, but these will likely run the span of their life by the time you’re done breastfeeding. But at the low price point on Amazon, it’s a worthwhile buy for each pregnancy.

Purchase Tips: Sizing is confusing as its only SML, be sure to check the conversion chart before you buy. They tend to run large, so if you are between sizes, order down.

3. Best Flexible Fit: Bravado! Designs Women’s Original Nursing Bra
If you’ve shopped for maternity bras before, you’re probably familiar with this one. Available on Amazon for more than five years, the sports-bra inspired nursing bra remains a best-seller. It offers less support than other brands, so it’s perfect for women with more average sized busts who prefer less coverage.

Why We Love It:

It’s Breathable: This bra is made of “breathable cotton,” perfect if you’re not a fan of constricting bras, but still need the support. Plus, unlike most nursing bras, this cotton bra is machine washable. This is perfect for moms with packed schedule who don’t have time to dedicate to hand-washing (or anything, for that matter). Not to mention, it’s soft and stretchy enough to sleep comfortably in.

It has Signature Clips: Bravado! has a signature way to get customers hooked (erm, clipped) on their products with their easy open-close nursing clips. These “b” nursing clips can be opened and closed with one hand – because what new mom ever has two hands available at once? The individually opening flaps make feeding time easier as you switch sides.

Convertible Style: Bravado! is thinking ahead for you by making the bra a convertible “regular bra” once you’re finished with nursing. They include a kit with your order to help with this conversion. So even though this bra is moderately priced at $35 on Amazon, you’ll get your value long after you’re out of maternity stage.

The Drawback: It’s low support means it’s ideal for staying at home but may not be the best choice for a mom-on-the-go. Plus, larger-chested women may get a “uni-boob” effect from the narrower bust.

Purchase Tip: It runs small, so order up if you are between sizes (and maybe still growing).

4. Your Secret Support System: Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

For all you rules loving, excel-sheet creating moms, this bra has as much stability as you do. Available in black and nude, it provides the ultimate structured support for busty moms on the go.

Why We Love It:

It Shapes: The seam-free cups contain a flexible wire that offers comfort without compromising support. Unlike some bras that push your breasts together, this provides a more separate, structured shape. If you’re looking for a ‘solid’ feel – this is the best for you. Plus, the structure helps support your posture, which us large-chested ladies know is a huge bonus.

It’s Secure: In addition to providing shape, this bra provides security. While it may be an annoyance for some, I prefer bras that require two hands to unsnap (like this one does) so I don’t have to worry about it coming off in public during the day (again). The cups do not stretch, making you feel as comforted and secure as your baby does! While stay-at-home moms may get away with sport-style bras more often, Elomi’s bra is perfect for professionals and mothers who can’t afford a public slip.

The Drawback: This bra is sized according to UK size charts, so take extra caution when selecting your size. Plus, the bra has minimal padding, which may not be ideal for hiding nipples (or leaking) for some women.

Purchase Tip: This bra tends to run large, so order down a size if you’re between.

5. Some Like it Halter: Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra
Last but certainly not least, this maternity bra constructed from French Terry is wire and clasp free, not to mention it is a Mom’s Choice Awards ‘Gold’ Winning bra! In addition to the intelligent design, it’s also available in a plethora of colors including light blue, pale pink, steel grey, Cabernet red and even multicolor, priced between $19.99 and $31.99. But they’re much more than just an aesthetic buy.

Why We Love It:

Hookless: Instead of wrestling with nursing hooks that often get stuck and break, this bra provides an easier, pull-aside design for facilitated breastfeeding access (with one hand).

It’s Night-Friendly: While there are some bras on the market perfect for running around, Kindred Bravely’s bra is made for sleeping and (those fantastic) middle-of-the-night feeding sessions.

It’s Oh-So-Soft: In addition to the weight taken off your shoulders by swapping traditional tight straps for a soft halter, the bra does not have an underwire, so you can feel great around the clock. The crossover design, in addition to facilitating breastfeeding, helps keep the ultra-soft pads in place. But don’t let the comfort fool you, this bra is still stable enough for daily movement.

Purchase Tips: In addition to being super soft and flexible, it’s also super easy to care for with machine washing. Plus, the Rayon fabric is great for keeping itself intact long-term. The ultra-flexible fabric means you can wear it in multiple cup sizes, so order with ease. However, it does run a bit large, if you find yourself caught between sizes.

In Conclusion

Motherhood comes with plenty of unexpected surprises and challenges, so it’s important to take care of yourself. This means making sure that you have all the support (breast and otherwise) that you need.

While many factors will end up somewhat outside your control, your maternity bra is an easy thing to check off your list once you’ve found the right one. Many new moms wait until they’ve given birth to shop for maternity bras. (From experience, shopping for these is not a task that can be successfully delegated to your spouse.)

Get professionally fitted in your third trimester and a bra that fits your newly changing size and lifestyle. You should fill the cup of a good-fitting bra when you buy it, but it should be able to stretch. If you’re a working mom who wears many hats, you’ll likely need multiple bras to fit your needs. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the best nursing tools – as a new mom, you deserve it.

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