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Your resume is your handshake, so it’s crucial to get a strong grip on how you are presenting your experience. I’ve worked with so many talented, experienced professionals who have typos, fragments, and inconsistent formatting in their resumes that undersold their abilities. It introduces you before anything else to a potential employer, so it’s invaluable to make sure that all the dedicated effort you’ve put into your career is shown accurately in the best light.

I’m here to help you put your best foot forward. As a professional writer who worked in a recruiting agency for almost two years, I know not only what a good resume looks like, but what recruiters and hiring managers look for when scanning endless applications.

It’s thrilling to hear back from my clients how a this resume facelift drastically affected their job search. They reported more frequent interviews and stronger leads, and it’s a tremendous source of pride to know that I’ve helped change the trajectory of many professionals’ careers for the better.

Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits.

Please email me with the subject line, Resume Rework Request to with your current resume and goals attached to get started. With all the work you’ve put into building your career — you deserve this.

Psst – if you’re like me, you love free samples.

Here are a few of my recent resume project samples that resulted in new jobs for each client, On the left side is what they sent me, on the right side is their revised resume that they sent to employers.

Click to expand each document. Enjoy!

ES Resume

RD Resume

NS Resume

JM Resume

MC Resume

KO Resume

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