Let’s Write Original Copy Together | Request a Consultation

Wordplay is my foreplay forte. Nothing gets me going more than coming across well-placed pun, or a intelligently witty advertisement that sparks the imagination. That is, except writing them myself. (Oh, how I love it!) My signature wit & humor writing is what makes me a fountain pen amongst pencils. I excel in proofreading, spoof-writingContinue reading “Let’s Write Original Copy Together | Request a Consultation”

Getting Buzzed on Personal Coffee Roasters

My client sells a high-end coffee roasting machine, perfect for adding a flair to a small boutique, or for coffee hobbyists who enjoy roasting their own perfect cup (you know, the type that only drive manual cars). I created content based on the benefits of their high-end roasting product and fair-trade company mission. The contentContinue reading “Getting Buzzed on Personal Coffee Roasters”

Dropping In On CBD vs. Traditional Healthcare

I’ve never tried CBD, but have heard debates on both sides that is either the world’s greatest panacea… or placebo. Despite the varying opinions if the effects of CBD is in the user’s mind or truly measurable, it is still interesting to research how it compares with traditional medicine. For this client, it is theContinue reading “Dropping In On CBD vs. Traditional Healthcare”

Taking The View of DC’s Observation Deck to New Heights

It was an honor to write for The View of DC, Washington’s first public observation deck. Boasting 360-degree views of DC, The National Mall, Maryland and Virginia, the attraction needed copy as beautiful and inspiring as the location itself. Below are some of the various technical writing projects I completed for them. Descriptive Language 15Continue reading “Taking The View of DC’s Observation Deck to New Heights”

Nursing Content for a Motherhood Blog

While I am closer to being a child than having one, I took on a client who needed extra ghostwriter assistance to grow the volume of content on her motherhood blog. She supplied products and photos from Amazon, and asked me to write descriptions. I researched each bra on their brand websites and read reviewsContinue reading “Nursing Content for a Motherhood Blog”