Oh, hello there.

My name is Jamie, and I wished I looked as cool in this photo while writing. (Or anytime, really).

But instead of sexy dresses and whiskey, it’s often stained sweatpants, strained eyes. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

But that’s okay — because my writing itself is sexy. No, not in a supermarket romance novel kind of way, but with wordsmithing that tantalizes the mind, pleases the eye and arouses action.

It’s escapism. It’s thought provoking. It’s often funny. Or, so I’ve been lead to believe.

It’s (original) copy that leaves you wanting more.

Here is where you find it — and get yours.


Let’s Start With Some Ads

and why Yes, There’s Much More where that came from

Boo, You Ghostwriter.

You can become anyone in life. Then Keep them as clients.
40-something dentist & public speaker
30-something mommy blogger & amazon affiliate

50-something male private wealth management CEO from the midwest

I’m With The Brand

Good Company is hard to find, but great to write for.