Getting Buzzed on Personal Coffee Roasters

My client sells a high-end coffee roasting machine, perfect for adding a flair to a small boutique, or for coffee hobbyists who enjoy roasting their own perfect cup (you know, the type that only drive manual cars). I created content based on the benefits of their high-end roasting product and fair-trade company mission. The content is currently used across their site and in promotional materials. Below are a few of my favorites!

Get Roasted with Sonofesco 

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary on the market, the American-made Sonofresco coffee roasters continue to bring a new buzz to your office’s coffee routine since 1999.

Sonofresco’s easy-to-use, industrial sized roasters are perfect for all commercial businesses and coffee lovers alike. 

Roaster Capabilities

Sonofresco’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) software enables customization of each batch so that you can refine and monitor each roast, so that you can create complex flavor profiles for your guests and customers, with a simple push of the button. 

These flavor profiles can be created and saved with both Mac and PC devices, and you can upload up to five custom roast profiles on each machine when paired over Bluetooth. 

Plus, the Bluetooth capabilities allow you to monitor the roasting process remotely. 

With no cool down time required between batches, you can keep your coffee grind moving all day long. Each roast session takes less than 20 minutes, with customization options to fit each type of bean that you choose to optimize each flavor. 

One-pound roaster

  • Can roast up to three one-pound batches in one our (25 pounds in 8 hours)
  • Can roast up to 120 sample-sized batches each day 

Two-pound roaster

  • Can roast up to three one-pound batches in one our (55 pounds in 8 hours)
  • Can roast up to 120 sample-sized batches each day

Purchasing Options 

Sonofresco offers two models to obtain their coffee roasters: leasing or buying.

For as low as $85/month, you can lease one of their acclaimed roasters and get the full experience without spending too much upfront. These plans include: 

  • One-pound roaster for 24 months
  • Two-pound roaster for 30 months

Once you have chosen your roaster package, you can select the color (cherry red, black or stainless steel), venting (direct vent kit or vent hood) and fuel types (propane or natural gas) and bean delivery preferences to customize your roasting experience. All roasters come with warranty coverage options. 

Bean Subscriptions

The many capabilities that Sonofresco roasters provide are complimented by their large catalogue of affordable, specialty-grade bean subscriptions so that you never run out of fresh coffee. Their beans are imported globally from regions including Central America, Indonesia, Africa; these include fair trade, custom blends, and single origin beans in 20 or 50 lb packages. Some of their most popular beans include: 

  • Colombia FTO ($4.60/lb)
  • Kenya AA ($5.00/lb)
  • Sumatra Mandheling ($4.45/lb)
  • Uganda Organic UTZ ($4.34/lb)

Custom, elegant and exotic coffee solutions are a winning way to differentiate your brand, with roasting opportunities as unique as your own business. To learn more about Sonofresco, visit their website:

Give Your Customers the Most with Your Roast

Your business offerings are unique, shouldn’t the coffee you serve customers be too? 

Whether you’re opening your own café or just looking to add a unique flair to your retail business, Sonofresco’s simple, advanced coffee roaster system helps you distinguish yourself from the competition. You can roast between one cup and 55 pounds of coffee each day, making the Sonofresco coffee roaster the perfect addition to stores of all sizes. It’s caffeine for your brand and customers alike, energizing the experience for everyone who walks through your door.

To help start you off on your brewing journey, Sonofresco is offering a special summer deal: with the purchase of any of their signature profile roasters, get 100 pounds of green coffee beans, completely free. Plus, you can take your roasting to the next level with free shipping on all green coffee bean orders over $200!

With leasing and purchasing offers for both the one and two-pound roasters, there are opportunities to fit all business needs and budgets. Whether you’re a revered roaster or beginner brewer, Sonofresco allows you to elevate your coffee production as you learn about coffee and develop full-scale roasting operation, with a curated small-batch taste. Because of their lightweight, portable capabilities, they have become increasingly popular at farmer’s markets, food trucks, pop-up stores, fundraisers and private events. 

Procuring Roast Profiles 

The secret to Sonofresco’s uniquely fresh taste is the proprietary air-roasting, automated technology. With a simple press of a button, you can select the roast level, temperature and more for daily custom cups. 

A roast profile is your roadmap to roasting, guiding you to your desired unique flavor destination. Sonofresco’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) helps you create custom roasts for each batch, based on your preferences and the unique characteristics of each type of green bean. With ten roast levels, various speeds and more than fifty types of beans available, you can explore a new roast profile every day.

The roast level itself simply designates the darkness of the roast at the end of each batch. Once your desired roast level is reached, your machine automatically shuts down the heat source cools the beans to the perfect temperature to store in bulk, brew an espresso, or sell directly. Cleaning the roaster components takes less than a minute, allowing quick turn around time between roasts. 

Customized Coffee Capabilities 

With Sonofresco, the opportunities to customize your coffee are truly unlimited; create and save an unlimited number of roast profiles to your computer with the Sonofresco software. This means the different flavors you create can span as far as your imagination (and maybe further). To get started, the software has a default profile for you to use. From there, you can duplicate, edit, save and adjust your flavor profile.

With your catalog of custom roasted saved, choose your top five profiles and import them to your roaster via a Bluetooth connection. Once shared, you can monitor the live roast cycle remotely, so you always know the status of your Sonofresco roaster. 

Sonofresco roasters will help you take your customer experience to the next level. All month long, you can kickstart your roasting journey with 100 pounds worth of free green coffee beans with the purchase of any profile roasters. If you are ready to bring your roast to the most potentail, contact Sonofresco with this toll-free number: (866) 271-7666, or explore building your custom roaster here:

Five Fall-Inspired Coffee Trends You’ll Want to Roast

All avid coffee drinkers need to start their day with their favorite brew. While it may be an integral part of your daily plan, your coffee cup(s) should be anything but routine.

The arrival of fall brings some of our favorite trends: tall boots, chic jackets and of course, Pumpkin Spice Lattes. In the spirit of the season, take the opportunity to let your coffee preferences change with the leaves, without limiting yourself to one roast.

Spice up your favorite fall flavors with the Sonofresco catalogue. It boasts more than fifty flavors green beans, including single origin, organic, fair trade, multi certs and signature blends.

If you’re ready to mix up your morning cup, here are some of Sonofresco’s most popular blends to get started!

Royal Silk Espresso Blend – Vanilla Chai Latte       

The heavily bodied and smooth espresso blends possesses a complexly concentration  dry fruit, dark chocolate notes at the bottom of the profile is perfect for a Vanilla Chai Latte. Try it with large milk drinks with body and presence rather than with sharpness that produces a low-toned, syrupy straight shot.

Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend – Egg Nog

Designed especially for milk drinks, this is the perfect roast to liven up your family’s Egg Nog recipe. This straight espresso is medium-bodied, toasty, rich with dark chocolate and hints of fruit. In milk, sweetens and deepens with lush milk chocolate and caramel tones, perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Silk Road Espresso Blend – Salted Caramel Latte

This well-rounded espresso contains a dominant sweet chocolaty taste and a long lingering aftertaste with no hint of bitterness, an ideal pairing for any iteration of a Caramel Latte, or even as an espresso straight shot.

Brazil Cerrado – Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you’re looking for a bean to delight your senses with the taste of ripe, chocolate-toned fruit without a hint of sharpness or acidity, you’ve found a winner. Moderate aging further rounds its flavor while developing body that is deep, creamy and full, making it the perfect base for fall’s favorite drink: the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Italian Blend – Mocha Latte

A striking combination of nutty, chocolatey aromas was practically created to make a Mocha. Careful blending of coffees from Indonesia and Central America creates an exceptionally well balanced taste providing a bright, yet deep-toned acidity with a delicate sweetness.

Sonofresco’s simple, advanced coffee roaster system allows you to change your coffee preferences daily; keep your ideas as fresh as your roast. Plus, build your custom box of beans, enabling you to mix and sample your favorite blends. With ten roast levels, various speeds and more than fifty types of beans available, you can explore a new roast profile every day this fall.

If you are ready to bring your roast to the most potential, contact Sonofresco with this toll-free number: (866) 271-7666, or explore building your custom roaster here:

Go Green with Your Coffee Beans

With growing environmental awareness, everyone wants to ‘Go Green’ to help improve the world around them. We go green with organic products, non-GMO, hormone-free options in recyclable packages. We turn the lights off, buy hybrid vehicles and choose paper over plastic.

But now, Going Green takes on a whole new meaning: fair trade green coffee beans. While the beans themselves are green, they are more than just a healthier coffee; they’re a more sustainable, ethical product.

Just as Sonofresco Coffee Roasters let you rethink the way you create and enjoy coffee, our green beans will rethink the most important ingredient in your cup

All coffee begins as green coffee beans, but are traditionally roasted, turning them to our familiar brown, before being sold to consumers. This roasting process alters the bean’s nutritional structure and concentration, differentiating the health benefits from brown roasted coffee.

Go Green for Your Health

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant found in green coffee beans, which is lost during the brown-roasting process. When retained, it has been found to support a number of essential health functions through it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, including reducing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Beyond these essential health benefits, green coffee beans have been shown to support weight loss. The chlorogenic acid lends itself to the body’s ability to burn glucose and stored fat, as well as reducing cholesterol. Better coffee, better body.

Go Green for the Environment

Beyond tasting better, buying fair trade coffee can help you do better for the global coffee industry. The fair trade label found on Sonofresco coffee products guarantees that the coffee is grown by farmers who receive fair compensation for their coffee from international bean buyers.

Coffee beans are often grown in areas of the world with less economic stability and resources, so a cup of coffee for you can mean meals for the farmer’s family. Fair trade means forced child labor is prohibited, and safe working conditions and sustainable wages are guaranteed for bean farmers. Beyond those who harvest the coffee, fair trade coffees are free from harmful agrochemicals and GMOs — meaning this option is more beneficial you as a consumer as well as the coffee farmer.

Go Green Today

If the healthier, socially-conscious coffee is the right choice for you, it’s time to build your custom box of brews. Sonofrescho offers a wide array of single-origin, fair trade, custom blends and more from the world’s most desirable coffee regions, including Central America, Indonesia and Africa. You can enjoy drip and espresso blends, decaf options, Femenino coffee, fair trade, fair trade organic, bird-friendly, and organic options.

Offering Specialty Grade green coffee beans from global growing regions, your coffee blend can be as personal as your favorite mug. Enjoy the freedom to mix and match any of these offerings with the “Build A Box” custom coffee order.  View the current selection of green bean coffee here.

If you have any questions about any of the green bean coffees or how to order, contact Sonofresco with this toll-free number: (866) 271-7666.

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