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Wordplay is my foreplay forte.

Nothing gets me going more than coming across well-placed pun, or a intelligently witty advertisement that sparks the imagination. That is, except writing them myself. (Oh, how I love it!)

My signature wit & humor writing is what makes me a fountain pen amongst pencils. I excel in proofreading, spoof-writing and roof-raising, and anything else that prefix-rhymes.

I believe a Sunday is best-spent writing taglines and other short form, delightful content, but spend the week boiled into long-form blogging, presentation writing, website building. You know, the boring stuff.

Writing and branding projects, especially humor based, is my passion and area of expertise. Consistent themes you’ll across my writing projects are blunt brevity, pristine proofreading, and most importantly, witty wordplay. You’ll also notice, I’m partial to applying alliteration to my writing work. I focus on getting the biggest points across in the fewest words, that both informs and delights readers. While I specialize in short-form content, I can also do social media, landing pages, case studies, brochures, presentations and press releases.

I have both hourly and word-count rates available, depending on the length, scope and research needed to complete all projects to your satisfaction.

I’m best reachable via Batman signal. If you don’t have a rooftop to light it, my email will do:


What we put on paper is just the beginning.


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