Upgrading Workbridge’s Tech Recruiting Content

For this article, I targeted technical candidates looking for their new role in 2019. The main purpose of creating this piece was to serve as a direct to our tech-salary guide’s landing page.

For this article, I teamed up with the Division Manager of Workbridge New York to write a feature article targeting hiring managers about hiring in tech. The blog relays urgency to readers about the importance of moving as fast as the market, finding, and confidently extending offers to the right candidate.

Click here to read now!

For Jobspring’s sister agency brand, Workbrige Associates, I created a post in order to attract clients committed to hiring for diversity in technology. Not only did I break down how to attract diversity successfully, but also how to retain all types of employees.

My SEO strategy around queries that would attract potential clients hiring in tech, including: “attracting tech candidates,” “hiring diverse talent,” “retaining engineers and developers,” “tech hiring trends” and more. Keep reading to learn how to stand out from other competitors and attract talent worth retaining in your organization.


Creating content for a tech recruiting firm has allowed me an in-depth perspective on how to create enticing offers for high-quality candidates, as well as how to navigate them when you’re on the job hunt?

The biggest takeaway: be vocal about what you need to succeed, as well as prepared to back up your requests with measurable proof of your contributions.

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